Pin Up Aviator – the legendary one

Pin Up Aviator is a great new chance to gain some money while enjoying the exciting entertainment. You can place bets, watch and learn from the results of other players, and receive some amazing bonuses. Do you already feel excited? Let’s talk about the game more!

What is Pin Up Aviator

Aviator is a new highly entertaining game that has been created by a professionals company called Spribe. The company specializes in creating and developing games for online platforms and bookmaker companies. It has various slots and lotteries of very high quality that gambling companies implement on their websites. The Aviator game is usually added on a separate page because of its popularity, and Pin Up website is no exception. You can find the bright red icon in the main menu and click it to enjoy the entertainment.

In addition, you can play Aviator on your mobile device, if you download app or apk of Pin Up.

Pin Up Aviator bet game

Game rules

The rules of the game are surprisingly simple, and you don’t need to be a professional gamer to be able to leave the game with some pleasant rewards. However, we still think it is important to share the detailed instruction with you, because it will certainly make the adaptation process easier and will save you some time. Let’s see what steps you need to undertake in order to play Pin Up Aviator and receive the winnings.

How to play the Pin Up Aviator game

  1. Enter the game

    Go to the official Pin Up website and find the red Aviator icon. Click it to visit the page.

  2. Place a bet

    Enter the bet amount you want to make. Click “Bet” button. In Aviator you are allowed to place two bets at the same time.

  3. Watch the odds

    When the round starts, the plane on the screen will take off, and the winning odds will change accordingly to its height. Watch them until you see the result that satisfies you.

  4. Take your winnings

    Click “Cash out” button before the plane flies away and receive your winnings. Be careful! If the plane on the screen flies away before you cash out the winnings, you will lose the bet.

The odds that change when the plane flies is the number by which the original user bet will be multiplied. The result of it equals the winnings amount you will receive after the round. Don’t worry, you won’t have to use a calculator to know how much money you will win if you cash out at certain odds, the platform does it for you. When the round begins, the amount of money you will win is shown near the “Cash out” button. Click it when you see a satisfactory result.


The game is available in demo mode as well. It is especially beneficial for those who want to try it out, but are afraid to lose the money. The option allows you to play the game without making a deposit. The bookmaker gives the users $3000 to make bets in Aviator.

You can spend the whole sum, however note that you can’t withdraw the money. In order to take the Pin Up Aviator winnings with you, you have to play the full game version for real money.

Such opportunity is a fantastic platform feature, because it allows you to play without having to deposit your own funds. Moreover, you can learn how to play and become a more experienced gambler before starting the real game.

Users and the bets they make

You also don’t need to create an account or login to be able to use the demo version of the site.

It requires nothing from you to try out Pin Up Aviator, however it offers a lot in return. We recommend using the opportunity you’re given and checking it out.


Besides the demo-mode, there is also an auto mode available to the users from India. It may be used if you want to win a certain sum of money or to run some special winning strategies. The goal may vary, so you can use it to your own convenience. You can make both of your bets automatic or just one of them. In order to do this, switch from bet to auto when placing a bet.

The auto feature will let you cash out when the winning odds reach a certain amount, so you won’t have to constantly pay attention to it yourself.

Fair game

Now that you know more details about the rules, you see how easy it actually is to win in PinUp Aviator. Sometimes the new users may be confused because of it and start thinking that it can’t be real, and there must be something tricky about the game. However we can assure you and say that the game mechanism has been created specifically so that it can’t be messed with.

How it works

The system that runs Pin Up Aviator is “Provably fair.” It means that the results are generated without a possibility of third party interference.

Provably fair system generates a random number consisting of four different components that change before each round. The simplified scheme looks like this:

server seed + 1 user seed + 2 user seed + 3 user seed = round result

The server seed consists of 16 randomly generated symbols. The three players the seed of which is used in the formula are the ones who were first to bet in the round, so it changes every time. With such mechanism, it is truly impossible for anyone to interfere with the final result at which the plane flies away. No one can possibly know what users will be the first to place a bet. The bookmaker and the players don’t have control over it.

Provably Fair system components

The game provides a list of the previous round results, available for everybody – you don’t even have to create an account or log in in order to get the access. The winning odds of each round are gathered there, and there are also the components that have been merged to create it. Therefore, you can check it all by yourself and make sure that everything is transparent and fair.

Such system protects the users from deception. However, does it mean that the users also can’t trick the game?

Tricking the game

Unfortunately, there are no existing methods now that allow you to crack the code and win the game. You have to depend on luck and your ability to quickly push the button. However, some users are starting to get more successful, because they practice a lot and learn to make decisions after scrutinizing the results of previous games.

Previous results of Aviator games

You also can learn to play better and make better decisions considering the moment to cash out. You also can come up with your own winning strategies. For example, you can place two bets, making one of them auto that will cash out when the winning sum reaches the sum of the bets you’ve just made. Therefore, you will be more likely to redeem your bets in case the other one will lose. The may be more tactics that you will learn after playing for some time. So don’t get too upset if your winnings in the Pin Up Aviator game are small at first. Everything great requires time and effort, so there is also a possibility to become an amazing player and withdraw large winning amounts on your bank account.

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